How to Treat Pinched Nerve

There is a wide range of treatment options available on how to treat pinched nerve. However, when a pinched nerve patient is deciding to submit self for treatment, it is just necessary to get enough knowledge about the nerves and the underlying cause.

Nerves are like electrical cords that carry information from the brain and are effectively distributed all over the body. They can be motor which carries information from the brain out of the body, and sensory that sends information from the body back to the brain for it to be processed. So how can the nerves are pinched? It is common when a nerve is damage or injured through pressure brought about by accident. As such, the signal will be not be properly conducted so as the information carried by the nerves. Neck and lower back affected by certain diseases can be greatly affected as well by a pinch nerve. How to treat pinch nerve is depending on the nature and causation of the pinched nerve condition.

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The most commonly chosen modalities include:

•    Immobilization
The most and frequent intervention for pinched nerve is REST.  If the pinch nerve is in the arm, brace can be used to restrict the area including wrist and elbow from moving. This means that the affected area should be restricted in doing heavy activities for effectiveness.

•    Ice/Heat Application
It can also be of help since ice can have an anesthetic effect to painful areas   and heat for the inflamed areas.

•    Physical Therapy
Exercises may be used to strengthen and stretch the muscles in the affected area in order to relieve pressure on the nerve. Specific therapy such as chiropractic, acupuncture and massage can be consulted through your trusted doctor and therapist.

•    Pain Medication
Medications can also be of great aid in relieving pain and inflammation. This includes NSAID’s and pain relievers such as ibuprofen and advil. Corticosteroid drugs can also be helpful in minimizing pain and inflammation. Just do not overdose any of these to prevent the adverse effects of the drugs.

•    Surgical Intervention
Surgery is the last resort for treatment. It can only be indicated when treatments done do not improve the condition for weeks and months. The type of surgery used depending on the location of the pinched nerve. Surgery may entail removing bone or a part of a herniated disk in the spine. Repairing of carpal ligament is also used to allow more room for the nerve to pass through the wrist.

It is always good to be true that there are more and better options in store for the pinched nerve patients to undergo different modalities and treatment. How to treat pinched nerve implies to all of us that when one has it, it is no good to treat yourself with your own knowledge. It is always your responsibility to seek medical advice so as not to worsen the condition. Available treatments are not also an implication that we will not be careful in everything we do, we should always remember to maintain good posture, incorporate strength and flexibility exercises into your regular exercise program, limit repetitive activities, take frequent breaks when engaging in these activities and maintain a healthy weight. Nothing can ever beat PREVENTION.

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