How To Correct Posture

Have you been looking at the mirror and tried looking how you stand? Have you realized the need to know on how to correct posture? Have you been so conscious on walking and everybody seems to look at you, as if you’re a strange person? Have you been so lazy to walk and sit straight? Are you fed up with your teacher’s ultimate reminder from time to time way back in elementary to sit straight? You may begin to ask yourself why posture is very important to take note of. Is bad posture really bad?

Posture in general is a term to describe a shape whether it’s good or bad. More so, it is a general term accepted as a condition where the different body parts are related when in motion. It can also be a state of the body’s ability to maintain the appropriate tension of the muscles both in moving and when at rest.

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Bad Posture Vs. Good Posture?

Have you tried doing good posture even for a minute once in your life? Do you find the difference of sitting right and sitting lousily? Here’s the catch:

Bad posture is an appropriate muscular activity in maintaining position and initiating movement.  A perfect example would be a slouched body impeding the flow of digestion and flow of food causing constipation and tightened muscles on the chest can restrict ribcage movement and prevents normal breathing.

Poor posture is indeed a widespread problem affecting majority of the population. More so, poor posture is something to do with what we are doing with ourselves. How then we develop such a bad habit? Laziness is one cause, but even a disease can be corrected and cured. Laziness from bad posture can be removed, a new habit in forming a good posture can be learned and it can be also learned in trying harder.

Correct posture is vital to health because it promotes proper functioning of the internal organs and all body functions. It is more like a manifestation of attitude. How we think actually influences our every move and the action of our muscles – more like, WE ARE WHAT WE THINK. More so, to enhance our way of thinking on how to correct posture, here are some ways to help you:

1.    Yoga to Correct Posture

Doing yoga daily for 30 minutes can help improve your posture and even back problems such as scoliosis. Yoga is more likely a stretching and it is usually performed in various movements. Your neck, spine (back), and the legs are the three basic body parts which are well concentrated for movement in the performance of Yoga. Performing yoga can give you enough energy and rejuvenating feeling.

The neck twist is performed at any time of the day, simply turning head to either of the side while relaxing the neck muscles. Although there are little cracking on this type of exercise, the neck must not be forced; the neck should be allowed to fall in its own position. Holding it into each side for 10 seconds can help bring the flow of blood to the brain and allows the body to be prepared for other exercises. Other parts of the body are also stretched. The back is also leaned backward as much as possible and holding it for 10 seconds. Standing straight with feet together can also help maintain a good posture.

2.    Bad Posture Exercises

The exercises are meant to improve flexibility, movement, range of motion and strengthen weak muscles brought about by bad posture.

  • Make sure your ears are aligned over your shoulders.
  • Raise both arms straight up above your head and along the side of your ears.
  • Now, touch your shoulder blades using your hands by bending forearms toward your shoulders.
  • Do 10 repetitions.
  • Align your ears with shoulders.
  • Slowly stretch both arms at shoulder length.
  • Hold it for a slow count of ten and then slowly move arms lower to the sides while counting ten.
  • Slowly raise again the arms back to a shoulder length and count for ten seconds as you raise your arms.
  • Do ten repetitions while checking your alignment!
  • This can be effective when you feel a slight fatigue on your shoulder muscles.

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3.    Ergonomic Posture Chairs

Back pain brought about by bad posture is the most common injury at work; works that require long hours of sitting can give you strain on the back especially when not oriented with the proper way of sitting. As such, an ergonomic chair is especially made to help maintain proper posture even sitting for long hours. Here are the principles of good working position:

  • Any work activity should allow the worker to use different, but evenly healthy and safe postures.
  • If strong muscular force is to be exerted, it should be done using the largest appropriate muscle groups possible.
  • Majority of the work activities must be performed with the joints particularly the head, trunk and upper body.

More so, there are many available types of ergonomic chairs that can be used while working. So when finding one for you, you must look for an ergonomic chair like:

  • Has steel frame construction – it is long lasting.
  • With an easily adjustable height – it allows the user to have his feet flat on the floor and thighs flat and arms even with the desk’s height.
  • With good backrest design – it provides solid and full back support.
  • With enough padding seat material – with its thick pads, sitting can be very comfortable and pain-free even for long hours.
  • With adjustable armrests – it allows the arms to rest comfortably and shoulders to be relaxed at the same time.

4.    Posture Braces

This is very useful as a support for your back and a control for your posture. Braces are a reminder that you can and must always straighten your back to maintain a healthy and standing position, thus removing the pain from unnecessary pains from bad posture.

5.    Comfortable Shoes and Clothing for Good Posture

It is a NO-NO to wear high heeled shoes, boots, tight clothing, and wide belts. It can shift the center of gravity and lead us to move out of the normal alignment. What you need to wear is low-heeled shoes and comfortable clothes which are not too loose and tight, enough to give you support.

Learning on how to correct posture is never too early or too late. You may have already learned the negative effects of bad posture and you may want to start now to improve it. Again, it’s never too late to start and change for the better, not only for your physical look, but most of all your health. Remember, good health will always start with you. if you want proper functioning of your vital organs, you can start with how you sit, walk, stand and drive. Do not go beyond limits. Know what you can and cannot do.
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